Scott Anderson_

CTO and Full Stack Developer

Melbourne, Australia


I'm the CTO @ Technocrat, managing a development team, providing digital services for government, university and NFP clients. I'm also a full stack developer with more than 18 years experience including leading project teams, PHP (Drupal and Laravel), Angular, React, VueJS, .NET (C#), AWS, Azure, load testing and performance optimization.


A CTO role can mean different things in different companies. For me it involves:

  • optimising our development team's performance,
  • improving manual and automated development processes,
  • technical risk assessment and mitigation,
  • solution architecture,
  • sales and technical presentations,
  • emergency support, and
  • performance optimisation.

To empower the team, I regularly book in time to talk with the developers, to listen to the problems they have solved and the cool new features they've developed, but also to hear about the biggest challenges and sources of stress. We also conduct, post-project Retros, to learn from our experiences and continually improve our processes. My goal is to make my work, and that of my team, more efficient and our solutions, higher quality.
A couple of times a year I collaborate with my devs to identify recently delivered solutions, to showcase at tech conferences.

A typical day requires the ability to triage competing priorities, empower the team through delegation and training, respond to technical emergencies and communicate clearly with a range of technical and non-technical clients. I enjoy seeing complex projects delivered at a high quality, by a talented team, for happy clients.
I'm convinced there is always room for improvement and enjoy finding new ways to utilise technology to solve difficult problems.



2018 - current

Chief Technology Officer
Leading a team of developers providing digital solutions for government, university and NFP clients. My role is wide-ranging and includes selling our services to potential clients, solution architecture, client on-boarding and developer support.
I have the opportunity to improve the efficiency of our development team through DevOps processes, improving documentation, facilitating training and exploring new tools and technologies.


2014 - 2018

Senior Developer
Tech lead and backend developer roles for a number of Drupal projects for government, education and non-profit sectors. One highlight was an extensive and successful performance optimisation project for Adairs e-commerce platform.

Infinet Solutions

2003 - 2014

Freelance web development


Latrobe University, Melbourne

2000 - 2002

Bachelor of Computer Science

Acquia Certified Developer


Drupal 7 Developer certification

AWS Developer Associate

in progress

general skills








Vue JS

AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Route 53, Lambda, etc)

Solution Architecture


Technical presentations

My projects_


Dental99 - Laravel Backend API

Dental99 is a startup offering affordable dental care using technology to lower operating costs. There are iOS and Android patient apps and an iOS dentist app, that facilitate appointment bookings and even dental service management. The apps are powered by an API built using Laravel and running on AWS.

My role in this project was to architect the solution and work with the API development team on the early stages of the build. In later stages of the project I provided long term technical planning and scalability consulting.


  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • React (Administration Portal)
  • MySQL
  • AWS
Dental99 App
Supreme Court Vic

Supreme Court of Victoria website

I lead the team that inherited the SCV website, providing a technical audit, feature development and coordinating projects to consolidate external web services within the main website. Improvements recommended and implemented include:

* Improved CI/CD process for reliable deployments
* Implemented Apache Solr integration for search capability improvements
* Integration with external mapping system to link daily hearing data with court locations


  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • JavaScript
  • Azure
  • Linux
24/7 support service

Technocrat 24/7 Drupal Support Service

I run the Technocrat support team, providing 24/7 on-call engineers for mission critical website support. The initial service setup required defining the service, implementing a Zendesk/PagerDuty for ticket submission and notification and creating policies and documentation to outline the operation of the service. The service has been running for 5 years, providing a < 1 hour SLA for a range of clients.


  • Zendesk
  • PagerDuty
  • Uptime Robot
  • Drupal
  • Documentation

Adairs e-commerce platform

A Drupal project that integrates with back-end database systems including MSQL, MS Dynamic CRM and a number of other APIs. The project involved the addition of a number of custom features including ebay store integration and significant performance analysis and optimization. My role in the project was lead developer. One of the major projects I worked on was a performance optimisation audit and refactor. The platform was regularly crashing during their online sales with over 1000 concurrent users on the site. Despite the site running on the largest RDS instance available on AWS, the database was still being overrun. Using tools including New Relic, Redline13 and xhprof, the applications bottlenecks were discovered and resolved. Following this work, the website was able to handle even higher traffic levels with no increase in response times, while running on a much smaller set of AWS resources.


  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • JavaScript
  • AWS
  • New Relic

Certica Contractor Payroll Platform

Certica is a payroll platform for contractors that processes millions of dollars a week in payments for 10s of thousands of companies. The platform is integrated with a number of government and bank services to provide automated compliance, tax withholding, invoicing and direct debit/credit services.
I was one of 2 developers who built the platform over a 2 year period. The platform was built on the ASP.NET MVC framework with Javscript, and later Angular frontend.


  • C#
  • .NET
  • Javascript
  • IIS

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I've been working remotely for 17 years now, often working with teams located across the globe. In recent years I have managed remote development teams based around Australia, and internationally. With so many tech teams and companies moving to remote work environments, due to a certain pandemic, I decided to write a book to share some of the wisdom I've gained from my remote work experiences.

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